Running my own business means I have very little spare time to go shopping. When I found Elena at Individuale Boutique in 2017, I knew I had found someone special. She understood my physique and my personality and was able to suggest outfits for all my occasions and needs. I keep coming back to Elena because she puts a lot of thought into what will work for me and cares about how I present myself personally and professionally. This means I can step into my day feeling comfortable and confident to deal with anything. Elena makes the whole experience easy and ultimately saves me a lot of time. Thank you so much.


Thank you Elena for taking away the stress ! I hate shopping and loved that I could trust Elena to know exactly what I needed to look great at my sister’s wedding event. I don’t often need to wear formal clothes, so I challenged Elena to come up with several outfits that could be reused in my lifestyle. Perfect ! She was able to curate a collection of beautiful Italian garments which have become my wardrobe staples.


I am recently single, and needed a new look for the new me. Elena’s expert eye for fashion guided me towards a new look that perfectly captured the essence of the man I had become. With her carefully selected clothing choices, she effortlessly accentuated my best features, subtly enhancing my appearance while staying true to my personality.


It was a pleasure to have Elena’s expert advice to assist me with recent suit purchases. She saved me time and money by quickly working out what I would like, getting it all organised and having me look sharp with no effort on my part. 

Fashion extraordinaire

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