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Style Consultation

Elena’s personalised approach is unique, providing a tailored 4 step service.

Step One:
Your individual style begins during your studio consultation, where she guides you in defining your needs. She’ll discover your personality, lifestyle & professional requirements or the events you wish to be dressed for.

Step Two:
Following your consultation, Elena goes to work with her colleagues in Italy to import a collection of garments specific to your requirements.

Step Three:
Within 2-3 weeks from the first meeting, pieces are available to try, style and tailor for a perfect fit.

Step Four:
You only pay for the garments you choose to purchase.

Wardrobe Styling

Your wardrobe can be transformed into your personal style treasure trove. Elena can assess your existing garments, jewellery and accessories, provide pairing, coordinate outfits and add new items to create compositions.

1. Making conceptual choices from ordered garments.

2. Organising the fittings and alternations alterations

3. Accessorising garments with complimenting jewellery or other pieces.

Personal Shopping

The garments are selected, ordered and purchased by Elena with her personal assistant in Italy and delivered from Italy within 2 – 3 weeks from the first meeting.

1. No time is spent by you on shopping – all done and selected.
2. Your garments are individually selected to provide you with the perfect style.
3. All garments come from respected designer houses, known for their quality fabrics, execution, and hand-tailored in Italy and other European countries.
4. Your purchase is only made on garments selected by you.

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